Theme's :

As long as I remember, always busy with pencils and paint, I had my first exhibition at the age of 12 in the Boymans van Bheuningen Museum in Rotterdam with other scholars.
My theme was inspired by the sea: a diving mermaid.
I lived from my 9th till my 12th with my family in Den Helder near the sea and was very home-sea-sick after our removal to Rotterdam.

The metaphor of the sea became an often returning source of inspirationin my adultness.
I am very interested in the world surround our kown-one and the projections of the mind
(Paribhogacetiya),the world beyond the horizon, something like "the other
side of the world" - a place I dreamed about to travel to, when I was a child.
And I wonder the universal aspects of life like the great mystery of birth and death.

Style & Workmethod :

I like to assemblate and use mixed materials.
The things I 've created are made with paint, photography,animation, video, clay, wood, metal and textile.
I think you can call my style poëtic and a littlebit surrealistic. I call it "paralistic".